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About Autumn Mountain Llamas

Autumn Mountain Llamas is located in the beautiful Green Mountains of southwestern Vermont. We strive to provide our llamas with an environment that is as close as we can get to their natural habitat. This approach coupled with proper nutrition and management skills, has made for a very healthy, content, and well balanced herd of llamas. Visitors of all kinds, from those first being introduced to llamas, as well as very seasoned, successful breeders often comment on how healthy, vibrant, and relaxed our llamas are.
As you will see from some of our pictures, our land provides our llamas with plenty of fresh air and exercise as they enjoy the steep terrain and rolling meadows.

Our academic backgrounds, and our entire careers have centered around working with animals. Don is a full time consultant focusing on animal nutrition and management, while Sue is a natural hoof care specialist working with horses, training students, and teaching hoof clinics. This type of background and work has proven to be invaluable in managing our llama herd, and in providing on-going support and help to the many wonderful people who have purchased llamas from us.

Llamas have been a wonderful addition to our lives here on our 35 acre farm. They have added beauty to our landscape and provided us with endless amusement.

In building our herd, we have selected from many of the top bloodlines in the country. We have some very diverse genetics, and can provide buyers with many outcross lines to add to their breeding programs. We have many beautiful suri, silky, and heavy and medium wool llamas available. Our selection is large and diverse, we see the value in people enjoying having choices when purchasing llamas, but we also recognize the importance of the personal attention each new person deserves when they visit our farm.
We welcome you to our farm for a relaxing visit, to meet our llamas, and to share some interesting conversations and experiences.

We draw on many years of experience breeding several species of livestock to national show levels. Outstanding conformation can be the most challenging to achieve, but is a major focus for us. Excellent quality fiber seems to come easy in our herd with the quality of females and herdsires that we are working with. Temperament is very important for us as well, and we get plenty of positive comments along those lines from our buyers.

In these trying financial times, we have been happy to have invested in the "live" stock market. LLamas are tangible - we can look out our window and see that our investment is doing well, we cannot say the same thing when looking at our computer screen at our 401K. LLamas have proven to be a wise investment choice for us, and the payback has had many rewards - financial, recreational, improvement of our property value, and enhancement of our quality of life. Much of our land offers amazing views that can be seen from some very fragile hillside meadows. These meadows are very nicely manicured, and maintained by our llamas, a very difficult and labor intensive task with a weed trimmer or other equipment - thank you llamas!
We have enjoyed many species of animals over many years, but llamas have proven over and over again to have best suited our interests and the needs of our farm.

We value the many trusting and lasting relationships that we have developed with people we have made contact with in the llama industry. Many of the people that have purchased llamas from us have become valued friends.

We pay attention to business, but the time spent with good people, and the health and well being of our animals is really what has meant the most to us owning llamas.
Whether you are looking for national quality llamas, wanting to diversify your portfolio, or looking for animals to beautify your landscape and bring enjoyment to your lives, please contact us - we would love to share our passion with you.

Autumn Mountain Farm * Don & Sue Mellen * 963 Raymond Rd. * Danby, VT 05739
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